Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wild Times: Strategy Defense 3, Mumbles and Happy Tree Friends!

This is probably going to be one of the most bizarre matches: an awesome through-the-ages RTS game, a great defense game... and a guy who completely boofs several drives through some fast-food places. And for bonus material we have a Happy Tree Friends episode, "Ski Patrol".

Strategy Defense 3 is one of a new breed of real-time defense games where your units evolve every few seconds. This one's pretty innovative since you get a different special attack every minute or so.

Stormwinds is amazing too. This is actually an upgrade and there is a ton of flexibility. I passed on it the last time, but I am very seriously tempted to sign up for the extra content!

If you've ever worked as a drive-through person, Mumbles proves it: people do it on purpose.

And as for Happy Tree Friends... I love humor when it's presented in a corny PSA. That sweet blend of "I'm so righteous AND hygienic" narration and wanton gore just strikes a happy chord. :)


Humblubbuh chockie!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Setting People On Fire, And The World's Best Telemarketer

There are so many different sorts of people in the world. Black. White. Pink. Red. Yellow. Brown. Slightly green. Blue. Short. Tall. Male. Female. Young. Old.

And they must all be set on fire. After all, you are already! In this crazy race against the clock, you play the incredible Ablaze Man Who Can Yet Somehow Hide Himself As A Tree Without Smoking. It's not as dumb as it sounds, and it's a fun little breaktime diversion. Controls are simple. Left and right arrow keys move you back and forth. Ctrl hides you from the killjoy rainclouds, and the easily pawed space bar bursts you back on the scene to ignite your fellow human beings! The more you burn in a row, the higher ya sco'!

And, while largely unknown by name in the American Hemisphere, India's greatest modern hero has spoken to almost every American citizen, and he has become the subject of a documentary. The charismatic head of India's TeleCosmos, the mighty Manoj, is presented here for your audial enjoyment. Please have your credit card ready.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Back from a lost hour at the Coffee Shop Game!

I've been hesitant to return to Lost Productivity, dear readers, because this is not one of those fabled blogs where someone sits down every day for five minutes, blogs something shallow, stands up, and promptly proceeds to make $5,000 in banner ad revenue.


Yes, every short entry you see is the result of entire minutes of searching for good games and animations in the diversionosphere. And on top of that, there is the matter of testing these games and clips for you! Do I want you to waste time? Yes. Do I want you to waste your time unproductively? No. I would like everything you check out on Lost Productivity to ultimately be worth it. It may not help you write that report that is sitting there glaring at you from your desk, but if you've ever wanted to try a small business out, try out the Coffee Shop Game here from NewGrounds and Armor Games!

And if you're more of a video guy, here is a hilarious parody of avante-garde artistry. No feelings were hurt in the making of this movie.

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