Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fiendishly Easy... Looking! Amorphous+

This game has already chewed up 40 minutes of my time! I'm heading over to LP so I can blog it and get back to work. You may wind up cursing me later, so if you're a really addictive gameplayer, do NOT click this link:

Aren't you glad you didn't click I'd be. You know, I think clicking would have been the worst mistake you could have made all day if you were looking to have a productive day. So glad you didn't... or have you yet? :D

Well, if you did click, you might want to give the game a chance. When you start out, all you get is awesome music and some primitive, though insidiously accelerating gameplay. Once you unlock an award, though, you get a key which unlocks your choice of goodie! I'm looking forward to unlocking the super-locked power-up at the end of the row...

Excitement: 4 stars Starts out low, then it's "Oh, no!"

Originality: 5 stars Very fun and each member of the nest you have to wipe out has its own bio. The power-ups look promising too!

Graphics: 3 stars Minimal, though smoothly animated.

Controls: 4 stars Pretty responsive, though the one-hit, one-kill nature of the game -- most enemies don't directly kill you, but they sure help -- will be ensuring you'll be restarting a few times before you get the hang of it.

Sound: 5 stars. I'd buy the album! Combat sound effects are satisfactory, and the sound of the acid burning reminds me of time spent with my dad as a kid in his sheet metal shop. It's that realistic.

Replay value: 5 stars. I hate to tell you, I'm likely going to be burning some productivity on this one!

Overall value: 5 stars. A good tension reliever and loads of rewards to unlock, all set to some amazing music. Try it now if you haven't... you can see the links up there!

At Work? Don't Slave Away -- Light The Way!

Every so often a game comes along and drags you into its own little world for a few minutes at a time. Prism - Light the Way is one such game. With original music, a fun graphic layout and increasingly tricky puzzles, this is a great waste of time!

Excitement: 3 stars. A mentally engaging game where you don't really need excitement. Some of the early levels are painfully easy but good for people who put one toe in the water at a time.

Originality: 5 stars. A great spacey look and feel to it.

Graphics: 4 stars. Simple but effective. Could do without the simple patch of gauzy light at the end of each puzzle but it's still a nice touch.

Controls: 5 stars. Simplicity itself.

Sound: 5 stars. Perfect music for goofing off when you're at the puzzle selection screen. Makes you not want to work on the puzzles. :D Puzzle music takes a little time to get used to but it's original.

Replay value: 4 stars. Puzzle mode is great, but I don't like the idea of timer mode putting you back at the very beginning every time you space out, especially when I haven't had my coffee and can't even put two sentences of a blog entry together, let alone a light filter and a Bulboid.

Overall value: 5 stars. What wasting time is all about. I just like leaving the music on in the background!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smashin' Up The Stars With StarBaron - Skirmish

What would you get if you took every pointy little ship from Asteroids, dropped them in a series of Petri dishes and let them have at it? StarBaron - Skirmish is a fun little space war that just might answer that question. Balance your stars to focus on economy, ships, defense, minefields, or just crank out average stars and take over the universe with mediocrity. Hey, it worked for Star Wars.

Excitement: 4 stars. Don't take any position you have for granted.

Originality: 4 stars. Space wars are tried and true, but this one manages to pull off an adjustable set of skirmishes with all hell breaking loose.

Graphics: 4 stars. Kind of a nice pseudo-retro look to them and things run fairly smoothly

Controls: 4 1/2 stars. Things bog down just barely on my computer when a lot of ships go flying but it's nothing too bad. I should get used to the hotkey option to select star groups too.

Sound: N/A. I don't think there was any.

Replay value: 4 stars. I don't think I'll have time to play all the different options, like single or multiple opponents, but this might be a great stress reliever someday.

Overall value: 4 1/2 stars. This is an arbitrary rating, but the game shows a lot of work went into it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

World`s Hardest Game Part 2

Hi all! My thanks to Lionel for introducing me to his team of bloggers where I can show you some of the funniest games that can be seen on the web today :) So let's get started!

The World's Hardest Game does what it says on the tin. It is HARD! A lot more brain power is needed to get started off this game!

Excitement: 3Well you start off easily with a few easy puzzles to get you off the mark but as the levels progress, they do and will become harder and harder until your brain will just shut down and refuse to carry on.

Originality: 4 It is definately one of the most original games with lots of puzzles for you to enjoy during your coffee breaks :P

Graphics: 2 Not 3D but is alright. More colours would be nice though.

Controls: 4 Absolutely easy to master the controls, just use the arrow keys! :D

Sound: 2 The sound for me was very irritating but needs to be more softer and smoother.

Replay value: 3 I would definately play this again, to get my accomplishment in completing the most hardest game ever!

Overall value: 3

Now do excuse me while I go off and tackle this game with a vengrance! :D

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sumo Meets Pong: Zwingo by Kabomb Games

I admit, I've corrupted my boss's husband. What used to be a hard-working, computer-illiterate man in his sixties has been replaced with a flash game-lovin', customer-ignorin' mild-mannered gaming madman.

And now it's getting worse. He starts recommending games to me now. :D

The first one he's recommended, Zwingo, is a neat take on defense games, ball physics games, and of all things sumo! It's a bit old, but the music is fresh and definitely unlike the water torture of games with short soundtracks like Starshine.

Here's how it works: you have a ball attached to a smaller ball. You control the smaller ball with the mouse and drag the larger ball around like a lovesick puppy. You have a central ball that you will pass through if you bump into it. Black balls come from the edges of the screen trying to knock this central ball out of its boundary circle. Your job is to hit the black balls and knock them out of the screen. The faster you smack them back, the more experience points you get for upgrades between rounds.

Excitement: 4. Things get a little crazy on later levels trying to use circular motion to swat straight-incoming spheres while your target ball is teetering on the edge of the boundary (Thanks to the designers for not making the round end when it's simply touching the boundary!)

Originality: 4. A very nice combination of tried-and-true defense, ball games, and sumo. What's up with the same boss on level 20 as on level 10 though?

Graphics: 3. Functional but smooth.

Controls: 4. Very responsive especially once you upgrade but it takes a little getting used to and it makes me feel a little claustrophobic; move your mouse off the screen and you've got to click on the central screen again.

Sound: 5. A great soundtrack that won't stale out on you and the minimal bump sound effects don't grate.

Replay value: 3. Simple gameplay and not much incentive to pick it up again and get to level 30. Still a fun diversion many people like my boss might like.

Overall value: 3.83 stars

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